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Enhancement of wine architectures through cataloguing, education and fruition activities

Law 77/2006


The project aimed to enhance the heritage of the wine architectures of the UNESCO site through two main areas of action: education / teaching and cataloguing.


Educational workshops on UNESCO heritage were promoted involving primary, secondary, high school and vocational schools in the provinces of Alessandria, Asti and Cuneo.

Cataloguing of wine architectures

The second part of the project was integrated with activities already underway in the area with the aim of systematizing and homogenizing the numerous types of existing census, and underway, by different subjects. At the same time, new census campaigns were activated for the categories of goods that required in-depth analysis.

The categories considered are:

Places of cultivation (farms, “ciabot”)

Distribution and promotion places (wine shops or municipal cellars, regional wine bars, museums of the regional wine tradition)

Places of production and conservation (wineries and winemaking industries, social wineries and cooperative companies, Infernot)

Cultural heritage subject to monumental protection

Fortified structures related to the wine sector

The data obtained from the cataloguing flows into a georeferenced database, created through the use of GIS systems.

Kept at the headquarters of the Territorial Offices of the Association for the Heritage of Vineyard Landscapes of Alba, the database is accessible to all online.

The Association has also created the documentary center for the promotion of research and archiving of volumes relating to the UNESCO Vineyard Heritage. The consultation space is open to the public and allows the consultation of books, maps, prints, illustrations and material relating to UNESCO landscapes and territories.

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