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Land(e)scape the disabilities – A landscape for all

Law 77/2006


The “Land (e) scape the disabilities – A landscape for all” project, financed by Law 77/2006 in 2016 and by the Association of Piedmont Banking Foundations, has set itself the goal of making the UNESCO Site of Wine Landscapes of Langhe-Roero and Monferrato to all those who are interested in knowing their values and enjoying the varied aspects that characterize the cultural landscape, according to the “accessibility chain” approach and universal and inclusive design. The Association for the Heritage of Wine Landscapes of Langhe-Roero and Monferrato initially surveyed the places of wine in the area, and then identified two accessible itineraries in each component of the UNESCO site.

The map of accessible routes

Thanks to the involvement of SportAbili Alba, which made available qualified testers such as Francesca Fenocchio, Olympic medalist at the London 2012 Paralympics, Valentina Alessandria and Fausto De Piccoli, a geolicalized map of the accessible routes has been created concerning: the Castle of Grinzane Cavour was created , the WiMu of Barolo, the Tower of Barbaresco, the Regional Enoteca of Barbaresco and the cellar of the Producers of Barbaresco, the infernot of Rosignano Monferrato, the Regional Enoteca of Nizza Monferrato, the Palazzo del Gusto and the Information Office of Asti Turismo in Nizza Monferrato, in Canelli the underground cathedral of Contratto, the Regional Enoteca of Canelli and Astesana and the MUSA (Multimedia Museum of Southern Asti).

The exhibition “Sensory path of Langhe-Roero and Monferrato”

It is a multisensory project capable of communicating the values of the UNESCO site through a “for all” approach, that is, through objects that can be used and accessed even by people with specific needs. The set-up was also designed to be completely reversible and removable to allow and facilitate a periodic movement to the most representative places of the World Heritage Site. The path consists of completely accessible panels, through which it is possible, through reading or sound narration, to know the values and peculiarities of the territory and of the six components that make up the UNESCO Site. What makes the exhibition unique is the presence of a material path in which objects and furnishings relating to the wine industry and the characteristics of the Piedmontese vineyard are presented.

Below is the link to the audio guide: https://youtu.be/maVeCcMdL8s

Coperniko, 360 ° landscapes

As part of the project, the first virtual tour of the Piedmont Wine Landscapes was created. The six components of the UNESCO site Langa del Barolo, Castle of Grinzane Cavour, Colline del Barbaresco, Nizza Monferrato and Barbera, Canelli and Asti Spumante and Monferrato degli Infernot are fully accessible through videos, 360 ° images of internal and external environments. developed through Experientia – Coperniko (winner of the SMAU Innovation Award 2016).

Click here and start the  virtual tour!

Guidelines for the accessibility of Piedmont wine landscapes

The monograph is part of the activities carried out and included within the “Land (e) scape the disabilities – A landscape for all” project, and was made possible through the collaboration with IsITT, the Italian Tourism Institute for All. This important tool represents a way to contribute to the diffusion of a concrete culture of “for all” design, which knows how to consider the different and diversified needs of the population in a constructive and creative way.

The primary objective is to provide local administrators, operators and the population with a reflection tool capable of proposing stimuli and suggestions to undertake a path of growth and improvement that aims at developing a more inclusive and aware territorial system, creating solutions and increasingly diversified, modular and adaptable proposals also to the specific needs of people with disabilities.

This publication is therefore an operational tool useful for: companies or associations, public bodies and private foundations, managers of communication and marketing events for companies, suppliers of goods and services for events, managers of locations for events, curators of exhibitions and festivals as well as members of pro loco, cultural associations.

Download the Accessibility Guidelines

The map of accessible routes

Reports of the conferences on the project “Land(e)scape the disabilities – A landscape for all”

Coperniko, the virtual tour of the Vineyard Landscapes of Piedmont

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