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Heritage Nizza Monferrato and the Barbera

Nizza Monferrato and the Barbera

Nizza Monferrato and the Barbera

The “Nizza Monferrato and the Barbera” component lies in Alto Monferrato, its core zone includes portions of the municipalities of Montegrosso, Monbercelli, Agliano Terme, Castelnuovo Calcea, Vinchio, Vaglio Serra and Nizza Monferrato.

This area in the Province of Asti was selected within the territory of Barbera vine variety (that has been cultivated in Piedmont for more than 500 years). The perimeter of the area includes the most significant territorial portion of the production, cultural and landscape system of D.O.C.G. Barbera d’Asti.

Nizza Monferrato town is part of this context and is considered the capital of the Barbera, both from the commercial and the promotional point of view. The town has always been essential also because of its strategic position in relation to the provinces of Asti and Alessandria.

Nizza Monferrato e il barbera

Within the district we have many witnesses connected with rural culture and wine. The “Museo delle Contadinerie e delle Stampe Antiche Bersano” is one of such places, conceived by Arturo Bersano in 1950 with a view to gathering the most suffered but, at the same time, joyful evidences of the wine-rural culture. It is still recognized as the museum of the “know-how”, with its collection of power tools for the vineyards, telling a story about the evolution of techniques and knowledge of wine production.

The component “Nizza Monferrato and the Barbera” includes 880 vineyards mainly planted with Barbera variety, 229 wine-producing holdings specialized in the production of Barbera D.O.C.G. wine, a cooperative winery of Vinchio e Vaglio Serra and, lastly, the Regional Wine house of Nizza.

Nizza Monferrato and the Barbera
Vinchio (AT)

Per ammirare un panorama a tutto tondo della componente di Nizza Monferrato e il Barbera, il consiglio è di recarsi al Belvedere UNESCO di Vinchio. Informazioni pratiche: il punto panoramico si trova alle spalle del palazzo municipale, Piazza San Marco, 7 14040 Vinchio (AT).

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