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Heritage The Hills of Barbaresco

The Hills of Barbaresco

Barbaresco and Neive

“The hills of Barbaresco” are a component within the territory of the Langhe, nearby Tanaro river. Barbaresco and Neive were selected as significant examples to represent the production, cultural and landscape system of Barbaresco docg.

Barbaresco is a medieval settlement that developed in a dominant position over Tanaro river. The impressive Tower, with its 36 m height, that survived the devastation of the medieval castle, stands in this valuable village. The tower was disputed by the municipalities of Alba and Asti for centuries due to its strategic position and it is now one of the main visual references of the whole district of the Langhe-Roero and Monferrato besides being the biggest medieval tower of Piedmont.

The selected area is the heart of Barbaresco wine production that constitute, together with Barolo wine, the palimpsest of the most famous long ageing red wines with an international reputation. Barbaresco, as well as Barolo, is the product of a single-variety vinification from Nebbiolo grapes.

There are 87 wineries in the area, including the cooperative cellar of Barbaresco Producers, as well as places used more for the distribution of the finished product such as the Barbaresco regional Wine shop.

The Hills of Barbaresco
Neive (CN)

Ai piedi della Torre dell’Orologio del comune di Neive, vi è il terzo Belvedere UNESCO, dal quale si gode di una splendida vista sulle Colline del Barbaresco. Informazioni pratiche per raggiungere il Belvedere: Via Giachino, 13 Neive 12052 (CN).

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