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Multimedia Archive Vineyard Memory and Traditions


Intangible knowledge and traditions play an essential role in ensuring the maintenance of the authenticity aspects of the UNESCO site. From this assumption has started the project Memories and Traditions of the Vine that MIBACT financed through law 77/2006.

The heart of the project is the creation of a multimedia archive of memory, easily accessible from all over the world. In addition to the cataloging of the substantial material collected during the preparation of the World Heritage List candidacy a “first” call “was launched to the 101 Municipalities of the UNESCO site for the collection of unpublished materials, in particular historical images and videos .

The multimedia archive is already populated by hundreds of files: photographs, vintage posters and postcards, historical films recovered from national archives, more recent videos.

The proposed themes are: the management of the vineyard, the winemaking techniques, the festivals and traditions related to wine, the typical local productions related to viticulture, the calendar of work in the vineyard, traditional recipes.

As part of the same project, 24 video interviews were conducted with expert connoisseurs of the area and its culture, literary and popular, of the wine production chain, of events and traditions.

Women and men of Langhe-Roero and Monferrato, with their generous testimony, help us to rebuild and understand the world of wine, from the management of the vineyard to the wine-making techniques. The construction and architectural typologies of our countryside with their materials, from raw brick to canton stone. And then, again, the great writers of the area (Cesare Pavese, Beppe Fenoglio, Davide Lajolo), the peasant rites and religious festivals, the songs, the dances, the popular theater.

“The archive is available to anyone, public or private, who wants to deposit and share” pieces “of memory – underline President Gianfranco Comaschi and Director Roberto Cerrato – we are already in contact with local administrations, cultural agencies and foundations to activate all forms of sharing materials online related to the culture of wine “.

The World Heritage wine landscapes can be virtually walked and overlooked thanks to the 360 ​​° tour created in collaboration with the COPERNIKO platform.

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