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Become a partner

The association is composed, together with the four Founding Partners (Piedmont Region and the provinces of Alessandria, Asti and Cuneo), of “Support Members”. The latter are municipal authorities or other institutions and associations that share the values of the nomination and the principles set out in the Statute of the Association.

The subscription to the Association by a municipality takes place via a resolution of the Town Council and it involves an annual fee of a variable amount of money depending on the number of inhabitants of the Municipality. The subscription is open to all Piedmontese municipalities, not only to those included in the nominated areas.

How to join the Association 

In order to join the Association you can download the files at the bottom of this sheet:

All other entities that want to become members must send a letter of request to the Association which will decide on the approval of the application with the Management Board.
Then the association or entity concerned will have to pay the annual fee of € 100



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