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In this page you can download the data collected tanks to the project “Promotion of ‘architetture del vino’ through cataloguing, education and fruition activities”, financed by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism under Law 77/2006, regarding the ‘architetture del vino’ in the territory (all buildings connected to the wine production chain such as the places of cultivation, distribution and promotion, production and conservation, cultural properties and fortresses).

A range of basic information, downloadable both in shapefile and excel format, is provided for each building typology.

The available information is:

  • ID: unique identifier of the item;
  • Category: function of the building within the winemaking industry (e.g.: place of cultivation, of production, of conservation);
  • Typology: typology of ‘luogo del vino’ (e.g.: ciabot, wine-producing holding, regional wineshop, etc.)
  • Designation: specification of the name of the artifact, if present
  • Municipality:
  • Address;
  • Coordinates: the coordinates of the point in the system UTM WGS84/Fuso 32N;
  • UNESCO positioning: indication of the artifact position within the UNESCO site or in the buffer zone;
  • Type of property: public, private or mixed;
  • Monumental constraint: yes/no depending on whether the artifact falls within one of the themes of the Regional Landscape Plan;
  • Data Source: specification of the origin of the data;
  • Update: year of the last update;
  • Sheet: yes/no depending on whether there is a detailed census sheet for the single item. A detailed census sheet for some artifacts is actually available and it can be required via e-mail to the Association.

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