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Research center and documentation

Documentation Center

The Research and Documentation Centre is a space devoted to the research and promotion of the territory of the Vineyard Landscaspe.
The Association for the Vineyard Landscape created a suitable place for archiving the volumes about the Wine-growing Heritage thanks to the support of Law 7/2006, a project financed by the

Ministry for all activities devoted to the protection and the fruition of cultural Italian sites protected by UNESCO.
Books, papers, prints, illustrations and other materials about Piedmontese Vineyard Landscape have been collected, archived, catalogued in the documentation centre, located in the UNESCO Regional Office of Alba. They were divided into the following categories: Vineyard Landscape Langhe-Roero and Monferrato, viticulture, Piedmontese culture, regulations and technical manuals, landscape-environment-territory, UNESCO and graduate thesis and research.

The archive is located within the Regional Office at Via Vernazza 6 – Alba and is open to the public with the following opening hours: from Monday to Friday 9 to12 a. m.
For further information contact us at 0713 293163 or send us an email at info@paesaggivitivinicoliunesco.it

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