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The association is the entity carrying out the Management Plan and the coordination of the ongoing projects in the area and the constant exchange of views with all actors operating in these activities.

The Management Plan is the reference operational tool for the integrated management of the site; the primary goal is the right balance between the preservation of values and the development of the human activities that have shaped this extraordinary vineyard landscape for centuries. The management plan pursues four strategic goals matching with 30 specific projects meant to be realized not only in the nominated area but also in a wider one, including the whole district of Langhe-Roero and Monferrato.

The four goals are summarized in the slogans below:

  • Harmonic landscape: “Where to design”
  • Social landscape: “Where to live”
  • Economic landscape: “Where to work”
  • Efficient landscape: “Where to manage”

Many projects are already in progress, which proves the existence of an active network of players in the area. In addition, the plan is a dynamic, constantly updatable and implementable tool that enables new projects and proposals to be included in the years to come. The Management Plan integrates with the Monitoring Plan intended to assess the effects of the Management Plan on the territory. It also draws the governance structure attention to the overall trend of the ongoing activities.

Schema piano di gestione Paesaggi vitivinicoli

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