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Law 77/2006

The management of UNESCO Italian sites is entrusted to different players, performing specific institutional competences: they are responsible for protection, conservation and promotional activities or for actions related to knowledge, public awareness and economic promotion.

In this respect, Law n.77 “Special measures for the protection and fruition of Italian sites of cultural, esthetic, environmental interest included in the World Heritage List, protected by UNESCO” was enacted on 20 February 2006. This essential law established, for the first time, that UNESCO sites constitute the excellence of cultural, landscape and natural heritage because of their uniqueness besides being founding elements for the international representation of our Country. Furthermore, Law 77 formally recognized the Management Plans required by UNESCO as tools meant to guarantee the preservation of the sites and to create the conditions for their promotion. The law also includes financial measures to sustain the promotional, communication and fruition activities of the sites.

The sheets related to the two projects recommended by the Management Body of the UNESCO Site “The Vineyard Landscape of Piedmont” and financed by Law 77/2006 are given below.

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