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Who we are

Its main objectives, established in the Statute, concern the knowledge of the cultural and landscape heritage of the site, its promotion and awareness together with the search for a socio-economic integrated development of the area, consistent with the values of the nomination. The Association is therefore the main representative for the multitude of people involved in the nominated area and, in that capacity, it is in charge with the implementation of the strategies and projects of the Management Plan and the related Monitoring Plan.

Since it was officially established, the Association has encouraged the birth of a network of realities engaged in the promotion of the territory as well as the development of cultural and sustainable tourism. To this day, over 75 municipalities and several associations, not only connected with the wine-growing sphere, have joined the network. They act in different ways in the territory and take active part to the ambitious project devoted to the acknowledgment of the uniqueness and the exceptional nature of this landscape.

The Association meets periodically through its management board, composed of four members: the president Gianfranco Comaschi (Alessandria province), the vice-president Annalisa Conti (Asti province), the member of the board Giuseppe Rossetto (Cuneo province), the representative of Piemonte Region Giorgio Ferrero.

The Director-site manager of the Association is Roberto Cerrato.

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